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Diane Mintz sharing her inspirational story of a family overcoming marijuana addiction at a community panel in February 2016.

Veteran Speaker’s Bureau member, Diane Mintz sharing her story at a community panel in Rocklin, February 2016.

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Our speakers have all experienced mental illness themselves or in their families. They share stories of overcoming. Recovery, wellness, resiliency. . . our speakers know these inside-out!

You will laugh, maybe cry. You will definitely be changed for the good.

Inspirational and engaging. The message is hope!

Our speakers are ordinary people, but their experiences are extraordinary. They are heroes who inspire us to believe that recovery from a mental health condition is very possible. This message of hope is extremely impactful for both organizations and individuals. Mental illness has touched almost everyone in some way.

Your organization can book one of these dynamic and experienced speakers at no cost. We are funded through the Mental Health Services Act, and are available anywhere in Placer County.

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